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Vibrant: We make an impact, connecting emotionally as well as intellectually.

You know the stereotype. Art students. Graphic designers. All-black wardrobe with accessories, personality and a portfolio to match. Cynical. Terrified of serifs.

At Element, we're not afraid of color, of joy, of laughter, or of serifs. We're very serious about our work, but we don't take ourselves too seriously.

Our people are all really interesting, and have amazing life experiences and personal idiosyncracies, and we're all encouraged to bring our emotions -- not just our intellect -- to the office and to every project. As a result, we tend to attract clients who appreciate our approach and our vibe.

So, when you step back and look at, say, a year's worth of Element work, you'll notice it's not just excellent, it's exciting. It doesn't just inform, it inspires. And while we hate to think we have a "house style," it's hard to deny that we have a certain approach that affects our all of our work. And we think it's good.

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