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Emotional Branding -- 10 perspective shifts

Speaking of passion, Marc Gobé's excellent book "Emotional Branding" recommends the following shifts in perspective from traditional branding to emotional branding. We think he's onto something:


1. from consumers to people: Consumers buy, people live.

2. from product to experience: Products fulfill needs, experiences fulfill desires.

3. from honesty to trust: Honesty is expected. Trust is engaging and intimate.

4. from quality to preference: Quality for the right price is a given today. Preference creates the sale.

5. from notoriety to aspiration: Being known does not mean that you are also loved!

6. from identity to personality: Identity is recognition. Personality is about character and charisma.

7. from function to feel: The functionality of a product is about practical or superficial qualities only. Sensorial design is about experiences.

8. from ubiquity to presence: Ubiquity is seen. Emotional presence is felt.

9. from communication to dialogue: Communication is telling. Dialogue is sharing.

10. from service to relationship: Service is selling. Relationship is acknowledgment.

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Well said.

September 5, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterKevin Theessen

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